Friday, August 31, 2012

Goodbye, Dear August....

You are gone in a flash,
bittersweet, but loved.
Thank all of you who left sweet notes.
I am blessed to have a jolly
sprain, and not a fracture.
I'll be wearing the boot,
the latest fashion statement,
for three weeks.
I have family coming in a few days.
I'll be scarce, but all of you
will be in my thoughts and 
in my heart.
I have some great photos
my son took today
that I hope to post tomorrow.
I wish all of you
a beautiful September.
She is such a special month,
is she not?
best, e.


dina said...


Annie Cholewa said...

I missed your last post! What a relief to discover from this one that you haven't broken any bones. Though a bad sprain is not to be treated lightly. This from one who still has a dodgy ankle years after making the mistake of doing so. You will rest, won't you my friend.

And yes, farewell to August. Autumn draws nigh, I can hear her coming in the song of the starlings.

Sian said...

hooray, no broken bones!
loving your pictures and words : )

Mona said...

I missed it too - so glad you didn't break anything!
Have a wonderful time with your family.
Love, Mona