Saturday, August 18, 2012

Gifts of the Magnolia

Seed Pods

Overload, I know.
But they
widen my smile,
sparkle my eyes,
leaven my senses,
and gift my gaze.
Sculpted feathers
of communal joy,
leopard bonds
from the mother tree.

best, e.


Mrs. Micawber said...

They are sublime. I'd take that many pictures too. :)

P.S. Your words are lovely.

Susan T said...

Oh so would I! (take photos that is) doesn't nature give us some wonderful gifts. I have just come in from the garden after a few days of heavy rain, everything is bolting like mad. I love it. Your poetical description does justice to the glorious images Ellen. XXXXXX

Mona said...

Now I've been doing some catching up on your blog. So much beauty! You have an ability for seeing beauty in your surroundings, big and small, that is very special. Not to mention your way with words, it's a delight reading!

Those seedpods are extraordinaire! Thay have such intense colours, I can't help but thinking they could be fantastic to dye with. Maybe you could try wrapping some tightly in some mordated fabric (a scarf, perhaps) and see what happens? (I know, I'm no good at hinting, so I just blurt out - sorry).

Sian said...

great photos and seed pods! : )
wish our magnolia was happy enough to do the same - not liking our on/off weather I think?
thankyou for your kind comments on my blog : )

Grammy Braxton said...

Love the photos of the seed pods. Your photos make anything lovely. You have a way of showing things with an artistic eye. I haven't been able to get out to my magnolia but your photos have urged me to do so.

Lovely words as always. Your blog is an inspiration to me.