Friday, August 24, 2012

Overdue Book

There is a book
of sorrow
it is overdue
there is no
good in grief

We return it
and unawares
check it out
there is the spot
the warmth
of a body missing
the place
where she lay
against the chimney
and in the bedroom
sometimes by our feet
we check the book
out and know
that one of these days
the library
of our heart
will grant us
a forever
chapter sentence
of such a loving being
never to be
overdue again
best, e. 


Susan T said...

I love your 'book'poems - you should write a erm BOOK! xxx

J & B said...

beautiful poem that makes me cry and I don't know why!

Babs, Jo, John said...

I special sentiment when you remember and have good
memories. Babs

Ginnie said...

Grief is a strange emotion I think. It comes up at the oddest times and overwhelms and then, if we return the book, it recedes for a bit. And then, as you say, we go back and check the book out again. But it gets easier to read every time it's renewed.

Grammy Braxton said...

Your words today made me sad. I love the way you use words to make such a vivid picture. I hope each time you check out your book, you get more pleasure and less pain.


Annie Cholewa said...

We need time for Grief, it's not a book to read too quickly x

And what Ginnie said.

Mrs. Micawber said...

So sad and so beautiful. I hope the reading becomes, if not easier, at least less painful.