Wednesday, July 4, 2007


Dear Ladies of the Modern Generation,
Please note that you are not the first in this Nation to have Works In Progress, nor are you the the first to Use What You Have.
I am under the gun here and may have to pull another all-nighter. This is seriously cutting into my bowling time. However, I have been told that this is for an important occasion and it must be completed on time. I have to finish up these pesky stars and then move on to the stripes. Wish me luck!
George W. is becoming quite testy waiting for me to finish. Wait until he discovers that a certain mouse has gnawed away at his best coat and trousers for the stripes. I can't wait to see Martha's expression when she sees the tears and rents in her best pair of unmentionables. A girl has got to do what she needs to do to get the job done, and since I have no STASH of my own, I have resorted to desperate measures.
Wish me luck, and you can be sure that I will sign my complete name to this piece. I refuse to initial it. I trust that you will understand why.
I remain,
Betsy Mouse
July, 1776


Amy said...

Hee hee!..and thanks for the comment, Ellen. I am working hard at keeping Ibby from becoming one of those "twenty five year old women" you mentioned...eeks, the thought! Lard help me, as we say in the south...or some :)

marylou said...

Hiya Ellen,
I see an opening here for "Betsy Mouse"...a series of books of her own. You may be onto something special:) What a fabulous way to teach youngin's about history, think about it. She could be all the famous characters in history and you could speak thru her... Your writing is exceptional and with this darling gal you could be the next Dr. Suess:) Hey, do I get finders fees:-) Love your story, as always your posts put on chuckle on my face and a smile in my heart:)
Hug Life.....Peace,Marylou

Monica said...

I'm so loving Betsy Mouse and her sweet stories!
Thanks for your comments, and have a good weekend Ellen!