Monday, July 23, 2007

Ah, Now I Understand

My husband was complaining about his socks the other day. I'm thinking, "Get over it, there's nothing wrong with your socks, except the fact that the mud stains don't come out."
Now I understand, sigh. When I took them out of the dryer the other day, it was like pulling on snakes. Each sock just kept coming and coming, no end in sight. I went to fold them and collapsed with laughter. These danged things are now, get this, 27" long. I measured them. 27" long is a wee bit too long. My husband may be tall, but he is not 7 feet tall.
I'm going to use them and make myself some long underwear, footed long johns for this winter. I should be able to have fully fashioned, butt and foot warmers! Maybe I'll embroider them.



marylou said...

Dear Best Girlfriend:)
I see your dilema and have posted on my blog a solution to your problem:) I just know you are gonna love it. Now, mind ya, I am still in the formatting stage of my "grand" idea and I shall need more time to "perfect" the concept but I think ya are gonna be soooooo HAPPY:-) Just don't forget, I love ya!!
Your bestest friend!!
Marylou (who still does not have a designer blue hose:(

Amy said...

You are right Ellen, it does start with a "H"...but I am starting small, a pillow...Poor what's his name? Professor Balls! What a shame, the complaints are understandable. The socks remind me of the feet of a Jack Rabbit :)

Monica said...

What a funny story, Ellen...Those are really long socks. I think Marylou's is a good idea to recycle those socks!

Anonymous said...

dear God is the man an Elk? are there 2 more socks like that - Wha Happened!?!
I'd either be afraid of what your dryer does when you're not looking or what your hubby is doing with his socks

ellen said...

Sara..I'm trying to respond to's not working. Thanks for visiting. I love it.
Yeah, (Yah??) Who knows..He is not an elk...I love that! We do live in elk country however. I just think that it's maybe because I bleach the hell out of much mud, dirt etc in a plant nursery...except it's never happened before. I'd better check on him!
Hope to hear from you your humor!

Unknown said...

LOL... how funny! Yes the socks are VERY long..
Have a great day :-}~Mary~

marylou said...

Hmmmmmmmmm....lets see, a fragile gift for Moi??? I wonder, nah, well maybe, nah, she could have, nah, gee whiz how sweet, nah, I hope, nah..... NOT gonna be my designer hose:( But, I know I shall love whatever E sends me as she is the BESTEST girlfriend ever:)
Hug Life
Love Ya E, Marylou:)

Unknown said...

Hi Ellen, I just wanted to say thanks for your words of encouragement; the first comment on my blog, I'm so happy. I haven't posted much in the last few days as I've been reading Harry Potter, but as I've finished that now I will have to get back to crafting and posting.

I can't wait to see how these socks end up :)

fleur_delicious said...

ellen -

ha! too funny! Oh dear, I wonder what else your dryer is stretching out. Have any t-shirts become night shirts lately?

thanks for your note over at my place - I certainly agree. Having to scrimp and pinch (and, at that, to put oneself through college) was no picnic at the time, but I appreciated everything - EVERYTHING - so much more. I consider it a good lesson in character-building, certainly!