Thursday, May 31, 2007

Poochie Love

Our Granddaughter spent some time with us last week and through the weekend. She brought her own little "dog" with her and was able to spend time with our, not so little dogs while she was here. It's so much fun to listen to her talk to all three...real and imagined poochies. I love to hear her with her Puppy and watch her tenderly take care of him as she cuddles him, feeds him and blows a whisper on her finger to let me know that Puppy is sleeping. That puppy sure sleeps a lot and is very hungry. He apparently loves being fed. Gravel is the metaphor for peaches, ham, chicken, peas, pancakes, cottage cheese, name it. She loves our dogs and always seeks them out. When she has to navigate around them (they do take up a lot of room) she always says, "Excuse me" to Cleo or Nadia whom she calls Narnia. She always exclaims to her Gams and Poppy, "Cleo and Narnia are so essited to see me!"
She is fortunate to have a real dog at home who came on the weekend. She worries that Maddie is missing her. Parents, G'parents and four poochies had a great weekend.


Monica said...

What and adorable little girl!!

Monica said...

Ups! sorry the misspelling, I meant 'an' instead of 'and'...By the way, I just found your blog through Ibby Bee quilts. I'll visit again!

Jody said...

What magnificent animals! What a neat family, can I come and hang out with you some time?