Friday, May 4, 2007

Some Good Finds

Yesterday I couldn't get a picture on my blog. Today I can get the picture on there, but can't write anything. Any wonder I named my computer "Chance"? There's a chance he will and apparently a greater chance he won't. I threw caution to the winds and climbed up into our attic. Our attic is not for the faint of heart. It is truly nasty and dark and the pull down ladder is not my cup of tea.
I rooted around with a flashlight and came across a box of old patterns. I can't wait to go through them. Will it ever be a trip down memory lane. Whoopie! I also dug some material out of a metal trunk. There are two pieces of lovely linen. I brought it all into the house and will wash what I can and see what potential there is for projects.
Years ago I used to sew all my clothes, the babies' clothes, curtains, etc. When we moved here in 1980 we had so much going on, me a full time teaching job, two young boys, eventually several hundred sheep, a few goats, chickens and my Jersey milk cow, Rosemary. This was on top of starting our nursery. Well, the farm's gone, the boys are off on their own, I'm there is time.
After I get a few chores done, I'll be grabbing a glass of wine and looking at all of those patterns. I know that the memories will come flooding back.

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