Monday, May 21, 2007

Mother's Day Project

I finished embroidering Amy A. Duerksen's name today. I will put it in the mail tomorrow and send it back to Anne.
I chose to use blue thread for Amy. I chose blue because it is the color of so many beautiful things in our world. There's the blue of the ocean, the beautiful milky blue of glacier melt rivers, the blue promise of a beautiful day with clear sky, the blue in the warming flames of a fire, the indescribable blueness of ice, the blue of slanting evening light, the blue of bird eggs and their message of life, and the blueness of so many flowers.
Blue also symbolizes tranquility, peacefulness, immortality, holiness and loyalty.
And there is the brave, but vulnerable little flower, the Forget Me Not in all of its tender blueness.
Thank you Amy. Thank you for your bravery, your loyalty, your dedication and your fidelity to the things you held dear. Forget Me Nots will bloom for you.

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