Tuesday, May 29, 2007

A New Baby In The Nursery

The newest to join the Nursery here...I think that this little baby is so adorable. She is small, so small, but can get the work done. I know I am nuts to be so thrilled about her, but damn, she is so cute. Room for only one person...little lights, one wiper for the windshield, and eyes to keep one going in the dark, air conditioning when it's hot, a place to put your water bottle, someone, just a little someone, to help with the work that needs to be done around here. She's tiny enough to go down the aisles of the greenhouses and just do her thing! She looks like a fantasmagoriphal (I know, made up) insect. She's just sweet to me and fun to drive. Indulge my craziness.

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Amy said...

She is adorable! You work at a Nursery? How fun, I think I would enjoy that kind of work :)..better than a desk job.