Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Fragile and Fleeting

....and then I watched as the wind took them...
beautiful tiny umbrella like, they spun away.
Love, Ellen.


driftwood said...

oh my Ellen, these photos are beautiful. I love dandelions x

Grammy Braxton said...

Beautiful photos, beautiful words as always.

Angy is my name. said...

These images are quite mesmerising! I was reading the other day about the Fibonacci Sequence and how it applies to nature - you can really see it in relation to your photos!

ALSO - I needed to formally thank you for the lovely, supportive and caring comment you left
on my last blog post. Made my day. Truly.

J & B said...

Well you have made John's day, he says he loves
these wild plants and the bright yellow flowers,
only you can find lovely words for their seeds!
just perfect as we Habe a few blooming right now
along with some daffodils.

Annie Cholewa said...

And very, very beautiful!

Mereknits said...

Ellen, thee photos are so amazing, they should be in a gallery or winning awards. You are so talented.

sian said...

Beautiful : )