Monday, April 20, 2015


In the late Autumn She discards her robes. She clearly becomes tired. Slowly her modesty drops. That which She hid is revealed, drop by drop, encouraged by the rain, the wind, and the cold. No longer does the sun warm her. The clock of her days slows down minute by minute. Sleep overcomes her for months. Quiet and rest fill her. Her lovely bones are revealed, elbows, knees and shoulders of nuance. The strength and beauty of her inner self astounds me.

Come Spring, come the sun, come the warmth...she slowly wakes up and like the modest woman she is, she seemingly overnight clothes herself in all of her glory. Neither wind nor Spring rain will reveal the loveliness of her curves, her bones, nor her feminine strength. Shy through the Spring, private through the Summer, She remains the one who lights up my world from my kitchen window.

I love her beauty through all of the seasons and give her thanks.

With love, Ellen.


Sirpa said...

She really is beautiful e.g. in her great red colour! <3

J & B said...

So much foliage, we are getting there though
at least we can see your abundance to enjoy.
lots of rain so that will encourage things to grow

Mereknits said...

Beautiful post today Ellen.

Grammy Braxton said...

Your words always touch my heart. What a lovely tribute. I'm so glad you have this beauty to see every day.

Mrs. Micawber said...

What a marvellous tangle of branches ... so beautiful it almost makes you sorry when she wakes up and puts on her leaves. Almost. :)

sian said...

What a stunning tree : ) and beautiful words to suit!