Friday, May 22, 2015

Basket Beauty

The last of course is not a flower basket,
but a nest is as good as any basket.
My son found this is our nursery in one of the greenhouses.
Fingers crossed these wee souls with be safe from the crows.
I've been going to physical therapy twice a week now
for a torn shoulder muscle and tendinitis..tendonitis (sp?)
It's better, but still so hard to deal with at times.
At least I can knit a bit, which was something
I could not manage for some months.
Our weather has been far from happy lately...
galvanized steel gray and a sky at times
so low, I swear I could brush my fingers across it.
The wood burner is still in use. I know this won't
last forever, but I am finding it hard to be patient.
Wishing all a wonderful weekend.
With love, Ellen.


Wren said...

hello dearest!! Ive been trying to email you but they wont go through.. So glad to hear you are working on that shoulder. The leaves are out, but it is cold here too. 48 this am and damp. Made a fire when I got home from work last night to take off the chill. Lovely flowers and wishing you sun and warm as you get your arm back in action. Lots of love to you..

J & B said...

Lovely photographs nice to see so much colour,
sorry to hear you have a problem with your shoulder,
pain in joints and bones can be really uncomfortable
and a tendency to get frustrated as it seems no quick
remedy to get rid of it.!
hope a little knitting will help with concentrating on the
knitting not the pain in your shoulder!
weather here is the same as yours, woke up to a frost
this morning, we are hoping to get the plants we bought
in the ground not living in the barn, Summer coming
soon so will keep the faith. best love Babs

Mereknits said...

Your flowers are so beautiful and of course those wee little baby birds are so cute. Hope you are feeling better soon and that your gray skies go away.

ellen said...
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Mrs. Micawber said...

Oh, those fuschias are almost too beautiful to be true. So achingly lovely and intricate.

We still have flannel sheets on the bed here ... and I am typing this in fleece jammies with a wool undershirt. It's rainy and damp and though we need the moisture, I long for sunny skies and dry roads.

Keep up the PT. Shoulders take a long time, but they do get better eventually. :)

driftwood said...

your flowers are beautiful x I hope your shoulder heals soon, it sounds horribly painful. take care and fingers crossed for some warmth and sun, we could do with some here too, we're still stuck in the high 50's and grey here too.......

Annie Cholewa said...

My dearest Ellen, I repeat what you said to me, be patient with that shoulder, it will heal in its own time ... you're ahead of me, mine's still stopping me knitting!

So much colour in your garden, and those tiny birds, I do hope they stayed safe.