Monday, April 13, 2015


Our sons were here. Our two grandsons were here as well as our granddaughter. Some mended fences in the pasture, one drove the tractor and spread fertilizer, someone welded and repaired the trailers used to haul our plants around the nursery, and one little girl checked on the chickens and brought the eggs in. It is always joyful to be together. At noon the seven of us sat down to eat lunch.
Good times shared.
Late in the afternoon some drifted in. The two grandsons who are brothers, gravitated to the front room to do what they like best.
One to play some violent game on my computer and the other to play the piano. Like our sons, they are polar opposites, but also like our two boys, they share the same core values and an abiding love of one another. As Seth demolished aliens on the screen, Andrew fingered Jerome Kern on the piano. (The irony of this did not escape me.) I cried quietly while cutting carrots in the kitchen.. for the beauty of Kern's melodies and the beauty that fills my life with these men and that one darling girl who all enrich my life.
Andrew and Jerome K.

Samantha and our foreman's daughter who fashioned tissue paper outfits for their dolls.
And Seth the monster slayer.
When every one was gone and the house was quiet, I went down to put more wood in the stove only to confront the sight of this. Nothing surprises me any more after all these years of living at this farm/nursery. It did rain most of the day, and apparently someone was worried that the drill with the 26" bit needed drying out.
 Wishing all a good week. (And, yes, this place needs spiffing up)
Love to all, Ellen.


Grammy Braxton said...

I love that you got to spend time with your grandchildren. My happiest moments in my life now are when I see my babies and spend time with them. I'm always finding tools around the house only the reason here is that the Hubs put it down and forgot where it was. :)
Hugs, dear friend

Susan T said...

Spiffing up, never, it looks a home where lots of living and loving take place. So much love in the tears you shed whilst listening to your Grandson play the piano a good life is made up of such moments. Seth could be Patrick, so alike, from the back at least and also wedded to video games that make your toes curl.Beautiful grandaughter, just like her Grandma.

All love from here.xxxx

J & B said...

A lovely story about your family,it really is the little things
about our kids that can bring a smile and a
secret tear! pleased you had a get together
and some happy memories to keep.

maggiegracecreates said...

a lived in and loved in home ---- my favorite kind. simply beautiful

Mereknits said...

My sons are polar opposites as well, I hope as they get older they will grow closer. I am so glad you had a lovley time with your family.

Sonia / COZY MEMORIES said...

Hello Ellen Kelley,
I wanted to stop by & say how much I do appreciate your comments on my blog. Thanks a lot for taking the time to do so.
What a joy to be able to enjoy your grandchildren. After my dad passed away in 2011, we took care of my mom (I'm an only child) and since then she's lived very close to us & she can be with her two (only) grandsons almost everyday. And I'm very happy about it.
Have a beautiful weekend ! :)

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a perfectly wonderful day.. You are so full of love over those carrots. I miss the days of love at my grandmothers. So special for you...and THEM.

Thinking of you dearest...

Annie Cholewa said...

Hello! You've been posting and I've been missing your posts. Oops! But how lovely to catch up with you. And I'm with Susan on the spiffing :o)

Mrs. Micawber said...

How wonderful to have a pianist in the family!

Your place looks very nice to me - I really like that rug under the stove. I hope the drill dried properly. :)