Sunday, August 28, 2011

Sweet Clementine Comes to Dinner...

...I began to set the table.
The light, the lovely loved light
of high summer is leaving.
I watched.
I know that Mother Nature is slowly packing
her Light, her Flowers and her Bounty.
She is nothing if not proper.
No light colors and
no white after Labor Day.
Slowly, minute by minute, 
breath by breath,
she is zippering summer to a close.

So, we set the table, Mother Nature and I.
She whispered in my ear.
Invite Clementine, sweet Clementine
to share the table with you.
After all,
she is one of my spring/summer creations.
So I did and it was grand.
With each passing shadow,
with the dimming of the light,
Miss Clementine's beauty blossomed.
Miss C. was good company
and offered comfort when saying goodbye
is hard.
Her warm glow and spicy scent
let me know that good things
are to come.
Mother Nature will unzip another bag.
I believe that she never takes away
without another offering of goodness.
It will be filled with a different beauty:
rich, warm colors, chilly mornings and nights,
sparkly heavens, harvest moons, and the scent of woodsmoke.
It will come slowly, but it
will come.
best to all, e.
I saw the clementine candle on the Internet, but I can't remember where! You can Google it and there are directions. It's easy, it's fun and it's genius in it's simplicity.


Babs, Jo, John said...

I think this is Scrumptious!,the colours are brilliant and
the mood is so comforting the bright orange light on the
dark background and reflections really gives the feeling
I love beautiful Colourful Autumn. Babs

maggiegracecreates said...

I can almost smell the scent - The colors of fall are my favorite of all.

Much love my beautiful friend.

J & B said...

really captures the change of seasons: the colors of Autumn and the quiet of Winter as everything rests before the Spring rush!

Ginnie said...

I agree with Babs - scrumptious is the word. But I'm still not ready to let go of summer! We're finally having warmth with low humidity, and it is too precious to slip away.

jackie said...

your sweet, sweet words, your gentle loving prayer to the world, that's what i find when i come here!
i love the thought that mother nature does not take away without another offering of beauty. seriously, i don't think you begin to know how your words make me feel open and blessed!

Ginnie said...

My friend Douglas loved Clementines and would always peel them and add a sprinkle of nutmeg. The aroma was breathtaking and I can imagine how the candle would smell.
Your last post is lovely too, Ellen.