Saturday, September 3, 2011

Which Door Should I Choose?

I have a day all to myself.
Can you hear my squeal of joy?
Freedom comes with making hard choices.
Which door should I choose?
Door #1

Doesn't every well-appointed home
have an artful display of riding helmets
and gloves perched on an unfinished window seat?
And one which is framed by dirty glass?

How about Door #2?
The infamous laundry room.

Perhaps. It's doable, but I could just close the door.
Then there is Door #3, my sanctum,
which is far from peaceful.
One must accept the fact
that when one cleans and purges,
one creates a Hell of a mess in the process.

Nah. Why not put off today
what I can do tomorrow?
Door #4, however, looks promising
and easily done while alone.
Definitely. A Done Deal.
It's Door #4.
I can spice it up
with a little bit of this...
Sometimes you just have to get tough
and bite the bullet.
best to all, ellen


jackie said...

good choice ellen! very good choice!

Leigh @ Toasted said...

Ha - Ia m faced with a very similar choice right now. I think you may have influenced my decision.

Ginnie said...

Definitely door #4. The rest will be there when you're ready!

mary ann said...

i strongly approve of your choice.
you're so smart!

Babs, Jo, John said...

Hi Ellen, I have a door that will have a sign on it saying
STOP! to prevent my sister looking in, she arrives next week for a few weeks so the rest of the house is I. tip
top shape polished and windows too hopefully, we all
have a room or cupboards that no one else should know
about. loved this one especially the photos Babs

maggiegracecreates said...

Wow - I don't have a door number 4 at my house ---- it's a mess EVERYWHERE.

Ginnie said...

Oh, my gosh, this made me laugh!

Ellen said...

Can you tell I haven't visited you in months? So much time passes. I laughed at this post! Oh,yes...I'm glad you enjoyed door #4. But did you get any more work done on #3?