Saturday, August 20, 2011

All Over the Map

Yesterday I wrote a post.
I hit the button to publish.
Swoosh, down the plug hole it went.
I can't even remember what I wrote.
I'm sure it must have been fascinating.
I am feeling very unfocused today.
I am missing this person.
My grand daughter, AKA
The Vet,
spent the last week with us.
Fortunately for me,
she abandoned her animal hospital
and spent the days outside
in her cardboard fort in the woods.
I say fortunately for me,
because I had run out of medical emergencies,
names for dreaded diseases,
and illnesses.
Her stuffed puppies had the week off too.
Right now, I can hear one of the hens...
This afternoon I will look out of the window
and watch with pleasure as all of my feathered
ladies take their ritual dust bath...
I can smell the cantaloupe ripening on
the kitchen counter...
I wonder if there is such a thing as
Eau de Cantaloupe...
I would certainly splash some on...
It is going to be very warm today,
close to 90,
and I am grateful that it always cools off at night...
I want to go out and pick more of these...
but I need to unearth
the laundry room floor.
Happy weekend.
Best to all, e.


jackie said...

the "vet" is scrumptious!! eau de cantaloupe - brilliant. i would like to splash on some eau de ripe tomato.

Ginnie said...

Hi, Ellen,

Thanks for your comment on my post - I really appreciate your thoughts. And I agree - life takes us places we never imagined or wanted to go, and somehow we deal with it.

Ginnie said...

Ellen, she is darling. I love the expression on her face and I'll bet she loves being with you too.