Wednesday, August 17, 2011

As Some Say...

...down the rabbit hole,
...abducted by aliens,
...she came undone,
...ran off to find herself,
or, just plain vanished into thin air..
Really, I just have been buried in a summer
that I didn't plan.
All is good even if the garden didn't happen.
Other important matters have
been attended to.
Matters such as purging the closets, 
attempts to bring order to the pantry,
laundry room..on and on.
We do have enough fire wood
to keep us warm should there be
An Epic Blizzard of 
monumental proportions.
Speaking of monumental proportions,
I just had a peek at my new
I think "she went a little overboard".
I'll not post any more pictures today.
I shall practice restraint
and attempt to be a bit less
Moderation, Ellen,
is the key word here.
For now, farewell.
It is good to be back in this spot.

best to all, e.


Gretel said...

Welcome back! The banner is very - noticable! But very lovely too. :)

J & B said...

Wonderful to hear your "living words" again!

Leigh @ Toasted said...

Nice to hear you again.

jackie said...

so nice to see you and your awesome banner! welcome back. more later - moving marshall to college today... yikes!
love & hugs,

Ginnie said...

Yeah ! You're back. I was hoping that was so when I saw your comment on my Spike Jones story. I don't have memories of Dorothy Shay ... but when I googled it I do seem to remember her singing "Feudin' and Fightin". Isn't that one that Doris Day did too?
So glad you're back in the "zone" Ellen ... anxious to hear more from you.

Babs, Jo, John said...

That young lady is growing like a weed!
I did look in a cupboard this week and closed
it quickly,' maybe next next week. Babs