Saturday, March 14, 2009

"Nothing Ordinary About a Raindrop".....

...Ted Kooser's wonderful words.

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"If you can awaken
inside the familiar
and discover it strange,
you need never leave home."

Amen, my words...well, really his beautiful words, but words that echo my is in my surroundings, in the little things, in my home, in the smallness of where I live and breathe ...and yes, where I find my meaning.
A whole world contained in a little drop of water; a drop that reflects the sky and holds the awareness of the wonder of a world at home.



Anonymous said...

Aah...Ellen, beautiful as always.
The pictures and the words.

heather jane said...


Anonymous said...

Raindrops - one of my favorite things. They leave the world seeming so fresh and cleansed! I got your incredible email, and am planning on sending you a snail mail response back!

Nora said...

Wonderful words, and lovely photos. Hope all is well with you!

Gretel said...

What lovely images - we are due some rain next week, and despite the nice weather, it will be much welcome.

alice c said...

I love Ted Kooser too - and I particularly love hearing him read his own poems.

Thank you for visiting my blog - I am glad to meet you.