Monday, January 26, 2009

Early Evening.....

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piebald beans, ham bone knuckle whiteness
tender greens
ruffled goodness of purple
red tomatoes
falling darkness
richness of ground coffee
a call to come outside to see the star
I run with the blessings of
white knuckle bone
freckled beans, richness of red scent
and perfect purple ruffles
to see the beauty of the white
spot in the sky.



robyn L. said...

Lovely. Sometimes poems capture moments even better than photographs.

maggiegracecreates said...

beautiful words and the phtotgraph is stunning.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful poem, Ellen. Although I have to take my big dictionary next to me while I was reading it. :)

heather jane said...

Oh! Those hydrangea are fantastic!! And the poem? That's pretty swell, too. Happy evening.

Anonymous said...

my favorite bits from this are "ruffled goodness of purple" and "piebald beans, and freckled beans" You have a with words my dear adopted mom, and you make the world richer for them!