Monday, January 19, 2009

It's My Birthday.....

Yesterday was Poe's birthday, and if I could have, I would have left some cognac and roses for him. I would have.
I would have put up an adorable picture of me to celebrate this momentous birthday of mine, but it seems a bit crass at this time. Although I love Poe, and I am happy to have a birthday, nothing comes close to the Man Who Came Before; his vision of freedom for so many, his hope for this country, his peaceful messages, his commitment to so many, his belief that peace and goodness, love and acceptance could be made manifest. And nothing comes close to this man, who I hope, with everyone's help, will lead us into a new world; full of peace, understanding, acceptance and safety...all peoples, all over this planet.
He won't be perfect. He will have clay feet. He inherits a world of such overwhelming problems. We all do.
Let us join hands, all of us throughout the world to make a better place for our children, for all people of all religions and faiths. It will take a world.
And when it comes to everyone's turn; may each be able to say, "I am glad to celebrate my birthday. I give thanks for just being here in this precious place."



Gretel said...

Happy Birthday Ellen, and many more of them. What a great present you have, in the marvellous ceremony and speech I've just heard (and cried to), all the way over in England. Times are changing, and it seems as if America is returning to better times at last.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Mom #2!! What a momentous day in so many ways! I can feel that hope resonating across the world and especially in our nation. It will take hard work and sacrifice, but we will get there! I'm giving thanks for you and your birthday and our special connection! Celebrating you today!

Sarah said...

Happy Birthday, Dear Ellen!!! Yay!!! My mom's birthday is a few days away! Hugs to you! love love.

Anonymous said...

oh..happy birthday to my very special dearest friend :)Yes, you have a great present!
Hope everything will be better for people around the world.
hope you always healthy and have beautiful words, more and more to share.
My son's birthday was the nex day, I had just post about it.