Monday, October 22, 2007

Double Yuk

These disgusting things are driving me NUTS. We have had a warming spell and "Voila!" let's all pop out, get our e tickets, grab our vacation gear and move in with Ellen. They have also brought along their smaller, but just as annoying cousins, the fruit flies. I certainly don't recall putting up a sign of invitation and good will.
This too shall pass. I hope they freeze their butts off this winter.

Totally unrelated to this post...but now I notice that the picture of the crocheted and knitted vegets on the last post has totally vaporized. What on earth is going on. I'll try to get it back on.


blessings said...

We're finally getting some cool weather here in the Midwest but in the Spring we had a terrible time with flies also. I've been having some trouble with blogger photos also. Have a wonderful Tuesday. Blessings... Polly

Amy said...

Eek! You can come down south and live with the coach roaches, some call the large ones ...palmetto bugs. That sounds like a glorified word for a freaking huge coach roach if you ask me. Anyway, all of it is a double yuk ;)

marylou said...

I think the flies are eating your photos:-)
But, I loves ya no matter what:)