Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Vegetables For Health and Beauty

Aren't these fantastic? (click on for larger view) I've had the patterns for these for about 30 years. They are in one of those fantastic magazines I posted about a while ago. If there are any of you out there who crochet and knit, I would love to share the pattern with you. Please leave a comment, or better yet, email me, and the first four people to do so, will receive instructions. I'll keep this open until Oct. 29th. You can't see all of the vegetables in this scan, but there are directions for radishes, tomatoes, turnips, carrots, artichokes, leeks, cauliflowers, and cabbages. What a soup! The yarns specified in the pattern may not be available now, and the directions state that these are not for the inexperienced. I don't crochet that well, so I have not attempted to make them, but I think they are fantastic and should be fun to make!

p.s. and if you make them, you have to promise to post about them so I can enjoy them!
(I just noticed that the picture is now not showing up. I don't know why, but if you click under the title, the enlarged view will show. This is weird!)

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Marti said...

Ooooo, I've been dying to find some patterns on knitted food! I'm really not much of a crocheter, so if there are knit patterns, I'd be all over that! Thanks so much for sharing!