Wednesday, October 10, 2007

R is for....

Robins, one of my favorite birds. I love the return of these birds in the Spring. I love waking in the early morning hours to hear their song, and I love watching them as they hunt for worms in the newly turned garden.
Until recently, I didn't realize that when summer waned and they had left, that they actually come back for a brief time to enjoy some of Fall's bounty. I never noticed, because when I was still working, it would be dark when I got home, dark when I left for work, and I was really missing out on some fun "birdy" stuff around here.
You see, they come back for a final fling, party and whing-ding in my grape arbor. We have some wine grapes out back and they are taking their Pinot Noir with reckless abandon! They are swooping down out of the fir trees, balancing on the vines, and eating as many of those grapes as they can. I'm a little worried that I should be carding them, taking away their keys and policing the whole affair, but they seem to be handling it, albeit a bit raucously and unsteadily. Here's to the Rockin' Robins and their Roaring parties. I've got to run now. They've requested some crisp crackers, aged Gouda and some goat cheese to go with all of that viney goodness. I hear them singing, "In vino veritas!"

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marylou said...

That does it!! I am coming over and gonna join those lucky Rockin' Robins';) I prefer Brie myself with sour dough french bread:)
Lovely post as always, full of "fantabulous" wit!!
Loves ya, Marylou