Thursday, August 15, 2013

The Little Green Jewel

is still here,
although there have been
a few sad days
when I could not find him.
My son has declared,
"You have
separation anxiety, Ma."
Probably so!
Here are a few more
photos from the last few days,
and a new discovery
that probably explains
where he has been.

Are you able to see
the reflection in his eye?
Those are the fir trees
in the distance.

Here he is moving away
as if to say,
"Please grant me
some privacy."
The brownish colored curve
on the left in the photo
is an old wool hat
that I found on the ground
one day and carelessly
tossed up there.

And, here he appears
to spend most of his day,
even in the heat..underneath the hat.

Oh, he has been a most welcome guest
and such a little wonder.
I believe that he is
a Pacific Coast Tree Frog,
aka Chorus Frog.
Chorus Frog is so much more lyrical,
don't you think?
Wishing all a beautiful weekend,
and sending thanks for such thoughtful comments.


Grammy Braxton said...

So glad your friend is still around. He must enjoy your company. Smart froggie. :)

J & B said...

lovely creatures are frogs, we have 3 in our pond, tiny little things they are, but they live on water lily leaves,
Wonder if I should give them a hat?
Wonderful pictures Ellen!

Ginnie said...

I love your sons comment. I wonder if the little creature knows how much pleasure you derive from the relationship. It's almost like he's toying with you !

Penny said...

Hello Ellen
How beautiful, I love how you have captured his greeness in the first photo. Your son's comment was too sweet. I love it when we have little creatures visit us and one's which we can observe and enjoy x Thanks for your comment about the burglary, not the best thing to have happened xox Penny

Anonymous said...

Hi Ellen, love the green color of the wee frog. A few weeks ago we had A LOT of little tiny frogs, about the size of a quarter, all over the garden (should of taken some pics!) My younger two had fun catching them and putting them near the pond that's across the bridle path.

Annie Cholewa said...

He truly is a jewel ... the world holds such treasure if we choose to see it :)

Anonymous said...

Oh, yes. Chorus Frog.