Tuesday, July 30, 2013

A Potted Jewel...

....an unexpected guest
a joy to the eye
a delight to the heart
a gift to my day

found the other day
in a pot of succulents
a darling of design
a gift with a capital G

I stayed and admired
his luminous eyes
that reflected all around him
I wanted to borrow his eyes
that gather the wonders
that surround him
and reflect the beauty
of all he sees
I spritzed him with some 
cooling water
he looked at me and was
still as still

I like to think that
he smiled at me
and said, "Yes,
it's a hot and sometimes
mournful world we carry."
He gave me more
than I gave him
Never underestimate
the power of small

Goodness to all who come here


J & B said...

You are so right small things can be treasures in gardens,
this little one is quite beautiful. We have a couple of babies
in our pond they live mostly on or under the waterlillies
I always stop to check on them, they do a good job catching
little bugs that sometimes bite big human beings !
Love your pictures. B

maggiegracecreates said...

oh how beautiful --- your photos and your words.

your encouragement and love have been that same spritz of cool water for me at some of my lowest and most soul parched times.

Sirpa said...

So lovely!
I'm sure he smiled at you!

Annie Cholewa said...

What a joyous find, or perhaps I mean what a delightful visitor.

Or maybe I mean to thank you for the joy of visiting here x

Angy is my name. said...

Life however big or small remains the miraculous force that eludes us in explanation but never in emotion. When we look at things we take in their most basic form... when we truly SEE each other we take in that magical essence... ♥♥♥

Angy is my name. said...

PS -Thank you for sharing!!!

Susan T said...

Dearest one you live in a good place both in your mind and in your heart. We spotted a baby frog out on the cricket pitch the other day when we were walking the pooch, he was such a tiny chap. I wanted to pop him back in the undergrowth for fear he would get trampled on, but he looked like an adventurous type, he would have only hopped out again.
The older I get the more I love nature and all her wonders.

Anonymous said...

I love you!

Mrs. Micawber said...

He is beautiful. I don't know which I like more - his lovely eyes, his handsome stripes, or his mottled back. What a marvel of balance too ... to be able to straddle the narrow pot's edge like that.

Thank you for sharing your find with us. :)

Mona said...

What a darling little green gem! Handsome, charming, and with the good sense (of style) to place himself in a red pot, in order to make the complementary colour add even more brilliance to his emerald.
And I agree; the small things are often the biggest treasures!
Love, Mona

Anonymous said...

Oh Ellen, this is why I adore you! I don't think I would have been so kind and loving to this little guy. I'm not sure I would have recognized the possibility of such a delightful encounter.

You are simply amazing!

Dina (causerie.typepad.com)

...Nina Nixon... said...

How lovely - we found a frog in the water tank at the allotment at the weekend. The girls were fascinated.

Nina x

Ginnie said...

I'm sure the little guy was smiling at you, Ellen, in thanks for his spa treatment from you !
I've been remiss in commenting and, as usual, love the last 2 of your entries.
Also, I'm glad the problem with getting your comments on my blog is solved ... yeah !

Olallieberry said...

How wonderful to stop by and find THREE gorgeous posts to catch up on, each one an absolute pleasure. Your photography is stunning Ellen, and your words are simply beautiful. This little fellow really is a potted jewel. Thank you for sharing the beauty with us.


Anonymous said...

Oh, those eyes...what a sweetie
and what beautiful photos