Thursday, August 29, 2013

August in the Garden

Candle flame yellow..
our patty pans have been spectacular

Hops that when dried
will be mixed with home grown lavender
and buckwheat hull...
a lovely lulling sleep pillow to make

Fuzzy furry visitor

Proof of an organic plot

We do have tomatoes
but they live somewhere else
and have been quite bizarre this year
with curled leaves and cores
so tough they are hard to slice,
but delicious nonetheless.
Earthly Goodness
With appreciation and affection,


Mona said...

Oh, yes, earthly goodness & what beautiful colours! I like your hops-in-pillow idea - but nevertheless, I'm going to use my hops for dyeing :)
Our tomatoes are quite firm too, this year - but that must be caused by drought - which I guess you don't have?
Love, Mona

J & B said...

I have a question Ellen what is the lovely green and pink
stalk in your picture see it everywhere but have never
tried it,Is it like spinach?
Lavender won't grow although I have tried many times
my Favourite perfume. I think it's the most exciting
and colourful time of year just lovely.

Anonymous said...

in addition to ignoring the domestic needs of my home, i have ignored the domestic needs of my yard and garden as well. but certainly something i've learned from you is that there is loveliness in all aspects of nature whether it is well tended or left to its own devices.
thankfully my brother shared some of his tomatoes with me and sliced, salted and peppered it is like eating the fruit of heaven!! : )

Angy is my name. said...

I love that a garden represents so much
more than the sum of it's plants & insects
It represents what is possible
And is this way it is endless, infinite ... inspirational
Seeing the sacred between every leaf, in every petal
... Truly marvellous.
PS - I have artichoke envy :-) xx

Beetlebirdhare said...

What a wonderful garden you have Ellen : ) and green fingers, everthing seems to be growing so well!!!!
Beautiful photos as always xxx

Annie Cholewa said...

I just love this time of harvest ... so much bounty :)

...Nina Nixon... said...

The growing season seems to be gathering speed - it's all looking so lovely.

Nina x

Anonymous said...

"We have tomatoes but they live somewhere else..."
Ellen, that's one of those quotes that garden and urban farming folks (like myself) wish that they had come up with. Brilliant!