Sunday, June 2, 2013

Wild And Weedy


One would think
that because we have a nursery
and it surrounds us,
that we would have
perfectly manicured and landscaped
But I cannot ever get over
the beauty of the weediness (weedy-ness?)
that surrounds me.
I am grateful for such humble beauty.
These girls have a manicured lawn.

Love to all on a Sunday
with thanks forever
to you who visit.


J & B said...

Oooo amazing photos weeds can be interesting plants
and colourful. you have the ability to make them sparkle
Love the baby cows together feeding a great shot.

It's been wild,wet and windy almost in need of buying
a pair of Wellies just to go out in the garden!
take care

Anonymous said...

Such sweet girls
and your fascinating "weeds" are truly marvels...i like "weeds"!

Anonymous said...

The weeds, yes, beautiful, but it's the cow photos that grab my heart out of my chest and give it a good hug! I pinned them to my infatuation pin board on pinterest.

maggiegracecreates said...

love your perspective. been missing you. Love

UMassTheater said...

Love that purple-tipped grass stalk. Such an unexpected color on a grass.

...Nina Nixon... said...

...but ever so beautiful!

Nina x

ps. I love the nosy cow! N x

Annie Cholewa said...

I loved your most recent post Ellen, but had to comment here ... you show us such beauty always, you are clearly a very special person my friend, to see it so well :)

driftwood said...

so beautiful.