Monday, June 3, 2013

For Many Years....

....she has been right here.
I see her every morning, noon and night.
She was my mother's little
Calico Cat.
She sits on my daddy's dresser
right near his brushes.
His mirror and file lie close by.
She is missing one ear.
That is forgiven as she must be
close to 100 years old.
Daddy's dresser must be
at least that old.
I like to think that they talk
to each other every day...
that her small body warms
that which was his.
I like to imagine that while I sleep,
whispers of loving memories
float between them.
They both give me joy,
this dresser and this little cat.

I lost both of them in my
early thirties.
It was too soon,
but, isn't it always so?
The pain has been gone
for many years now.
Only joy remains.
I see them both in me
and in my children,
and that is such a blessing.
During the first year of their loss,
so long ago,
I kept having awful dreams
of trying to get to them.
Then one night I was given
the most miraculous gift.
In my dream
I was standing on the side of a road.
They drove up beside me
in a sports down.
They were young and vibrant
and their faces were filled
with happiness and love.
They both said to me,
"It's all right, Sweetie."
They smiled, waved
and were off.
That dream-gift
will stay with me forever.
I am eternally grateful.
Love and thanks
to all who stop by this wee space.


Anonymous said...

What a gift you've been given. This is so touching, so incredibly and lovingly shared that my heart sings and tears tickle the corners of my eyes.

Beetlebirdhare said...

Such lovely, beautiful words Ellen. Love the weediness too : )

J & B said...

Sometimes there is treasure in things other people will
ever know in our lives. You have expressed it wonderfully.
It is a special feeling you can't explain, thank you Ellen.
Brought tears to my eyes and memories of my own,
thank you for starting my day with little treasure,tucked
away in my heart.

maggiegracecreates said...




Anonymous said...

You have a wonderful way of connecting things in your life; the past, the present, the future - seeing their inter connectedness. That is a gift that I'm not sure I have, but I can appreciate it in you.
I agree that your dream was a miraculous gift and I do believe it was your parents reassuring you that all was well. I had a similar experience when my husband's mother died. I felt so bad about her dying alone while in the hospital, and one night I dreamt of her and her hair was done, and she was dressed up and wearing a beautiful necklace and had the most radiant smile on her face, and she looked so healthy and vital. And I knew that she was all right.

Grammy Braxton said...

What a beautiful post. What a wonderful dream. Thank you for sharing this part of yourself with me. It made me smile and cry. I lost my Dad when I turned 30, 32 years ago. I have a photo of he and I at Christmas one year on my blog and I look at it quite often. How precious to have those memories and how eloquently you related them.


Mrs. Micawber said...

She is a lovely, lovely cat, and those silver-backed brushes look beautifully full of years and memories. What precious reminders of your folks.

(Lovely header photos too!) :)

Anonymous said...

she is a lovely, sweet cat.
and what a gift, that vision of your beloved parents.

Thank you for this most touching,
beautiful post.

driftwood said...

what a beautiful post xxx