Friday, May 31, 2013


Mrs. Charles Dickens
presented us with this egg the other day.
The egg in the background
is what is "normal" for her.
For those concerned,
she seems to be doing well.
Hot compresses have been discontinued,
but she is still using her
wee Zimmer to help her get around.
I expect her to be back to
her old self by tomorrow,
and that rehab will be a thing of the past,
until the Next Time.
Wishing all a weekend filled
with things you love.


J & B said...

Hi Ellen, Just looking at your blue eggs, incredible colour,
nature can really surprise us at times. A cute picture love the egg cups.mwoild they be robins eggs?

thank you for your lovely comment so much appreciated,
think of you this time of year knowing how busy it must be.
take care

ellen said...

The egg cups are for soft boiled eggs..Dip Eggies as I called them when I was young..soft boiled with "soldiers" to dip in. to you both.

Beetlebirdhare said...

Ouch indeed!!!!

Mona said...

Good grief! Maybe it's really a dragon egg? Or an ugly duckling?

Anonymous said...

Mrs. Charles Dickens you have gone above and beyond. Maybe she needs a little plaque or trophy to keep by her nest box! : )
It's reminding me of my youngest who weighed in at 9' 5" at birth.