Tuesday, April 23, 2013

This white one is huge...
I took out my tape measure...
almost 12" across.
The pinkness that showed up
in the light,
delighted me no end.

Beautiful buds...

And, check this one out...
it's a mitten.
I think that Tom Thumb might be in there,
or Thumbelina.
Perhaps they are both in there!

Well, this exercise in blogging
was totally frustrating.
I have no clue what happened
to the spacing,
but before I tear out my hair,
I will sign off
and wish love to you all.
I also lost my title,
but hopefully you get the drift.


Mrs. Micawber said...

Oh, oh, oh. These are breathtaking. (What are they? I feel I ought to know but can't think of their name.)

P.S. Do you know how to get into the HTML to correct the spacing? It's a hassle but it does work.

J & B said...

They are huge flowers, are they Magnolias? love the
colours and the thumbs up sign. love your new word.
I have a fav too. The white petals in your photo have
many beautiful colours picking up a lot of nuance!
Spring is georgous and your photo's too.

ellen said...

Ah, yes..they are magnolias. I had a title indicating that. Something ate it. Sadly, I know nothing about HTML.

jackie said...

Stunning! Do they smell as good as they look? hooray for made up words and flower petals and furry pods and all the colors of the world!

Sian said...

Gorgeous : ) love the new word too!

Mona said...

Amazing pink magnolia! Hard to believe something so silky waxy and vulnerable emerges from a funny little furry ball.

Grammy Braxton said...

Absolutely gorgeous Magnolias. One of my favorite flowering trees. I have a white one but I've never seen the pink inside. Beautiful!

Anonymous said...

oh my goodness.
i love magnolias, but i have seen one in that intense color of pink/magenta before.