Thursday, April 11, 2013

Oh, My.......

Little did I know.
I received a catalog in the mail
the other day.
It is filled with women's work clothes
and a certain item that I find fascinating.
I am thrilled to discover
that I can now order
How is it possible to live
all of these years and not
know that I could be wearing

Above is what my little pea brain imagines.
A tiny flock of Free Range Underwear
of the Hi-Cut Breed,
happily milling around,
unfettered and content.
Does this mean
that all of these many years
I have been wearing Caged Underwear?
If so, that could well be
the seat of many of my problems.
(Snort! Do forgive me.)
Love to all, Ellen.


J & B said...

Hi Ellen, My next visit to Costco when I pick up my eggs,
I will check out free range underwear, Inwonder do they
come in a dozen or a six pack? things. hangs too quickly
these days, love your cartoon we had a good laugh!

J & B said...

I mean't CHANGES to quickly not hangs!!

Grammy Braxton said...

Loved this post, especially the cartoon. I got such a giggle. You are one funny lady.


Mona said...

Got a good laugh here, also reading the first comment; I suppose things hangs a bit too quickly - some things while standing - others when lying.
I suppose they don't have free range bras? That would sort of ruin the concept, wouldn't it?

Annie Cholewa said...

Snort indeed ... my keyboard is now covered in the coffee I was drinking!

Free range is one thing but just make sure it's not corn fed!

Mrs. Micawber said...

Hilarious - and a good pun to round it all off. :)

(I know the average shopper is uncritical but really - WHAT were they thinking? Is there NO logic left in the world of advertising?)

Organic underwear, which sounds a bit more believable, could also make for some fun illustrations....

driftwood said...

Free range under wear - no thank you. I have enough trouble finding socks that match, ones that are used to be roaming free in the fields are never going to behave and stay at home.!

Sian said...

hm, what a strange world we're living in!

Anonymous said...
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robyn L. said...

Free range underwear? Thanks for the amusement. :)

jackie said...

I quite love your artwork here!! And I already have free range underwear, thank you very much, the kind that crawl up and have to be discreetly pulled back into place….

Ginnie said...

This is so funny, Ellen! Love your illustration. I bet there are free range ranches out there somewhere...

Anonymous said...

love your sense of humor