Monday, April 15, 2013

The Eye of the Beholder

Finding beauty
in the humble seed pod.

These are so magical to me.
I have no idea what plants/trees they came from.
I have had them for years...
bought at a Fall Festival many years ago.
Dusty to be sure,
but I marvel at their patterns,
uniqueness and beauty.
Today Mother Nature has rained,
hailed and darkened our day. 
A bit north she has even shaken out her
skirts of snow.
The wood stove keeps me warm
and adds some cheerfulness
to the day.
Wishing all of you a week
filled with goodness.
With love, Ellen.


Ginnie said...

You see beauty in everything, Ellen. That is a special gift and I'm so glad you share it with us in both pictures and prose.

Snowcatcher said...

You've done a marvelous job of finding beauty in things many might overlook. I don't know the names of these, either, but I've seen some of them, and I've never even taken shots like these!

Sian said...

They are beautiful - I've got a little collection too : )

Annie Cholewa said...

Aren't they wonderful!

I think like me you are drawn to the architecture of things ... and a kind of archaeology ... I know you will know what I mean. And you are of course a poet - don't argue! - and you see with a poet's eye :)

jackie said...

What a fascinating world!

...Nina Nixon... said...

Completely enchanting - I love the very detail in the simple.

Nina x

Dina said...

I'm so glad you are back. I missed seeing these unbelievable little miracles of light and color and beauty that you post here in your photos. (Honestly, I don't know how you do this!)

You are a poet and in times like these we so need beautiful voices like yours, my friend.

Mrs. Micawber said...

"Shaken out her skirts of snow" ... thank you for that line.

What a lovely curve that is on the edge of the first pod (third photo down).

The flat-topped one with all the holes is so very fascinating ... don't you wonder what might pop out of them?

The sort of stringy one reminds me of Queen Anne's Lace at the end of the season, when all the umbellifers draw up into a ball and hug themselves.

Stay warm! :)

Grammy Braxton said...

Ellen, your eye for beauty is wonderful. I have never thought about seed pods having beauty but guided by you, I see it. What a wonderful post.


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Anonymous said...

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Ginnie said...

So beautiful! The start of new life in extraordinary shapes.