Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year

Dear Friends,
I wish you health, love, peace
and comfort.
May your Joys be doubled,
and may Sorrows pass you by.

I want to thank all of you
for your loving messages
and encouragement.
I am fine, just way behind!

We had a lovely Christmas.
The house was filled with
family and friends and good food.
I'll bet none of you
had the excitement that we had.
I use the word "excitement"
with tongue in cheek.
Of all days,
the septic tank and plumbing
decided to back up and go on holiday.
We do strive for entertainment here.
Fortunately, the Lovely Pump Man
came right out.
Mr. L. is a bent over 80+ gentleman
who made the trek in the dark,
on Christmas Eve to save us all.

I have missed being here
and hope to be back in full force soon.
I leave you with some collages
of images from 2012,
and with such gratitude to you all
for your presence in my life.

Love to all, Ellen.


trish said...

What lovely collages.
Thank goodness for people like Mr. L.
Wishing you love, peace and comfort too.x

Ginnie said...

You have the eye of an artist and the soul of a poet, Ellen. A lovely post and your collage is amazing. I love the way you see beauty in everything you behold. I look forward to your 2013 blog entries and value your friendship.

Mona said...

Dear Ellen, so glad to see your post, you've been in my thoughts often. Thank you for all the good wishes, may they all return to you in abundance! I'm always amazed by your photographs, they're so rich in depht and vibrant too. The description goes for you as well :)
Your septic tank problem made me think of a christmas day a couple of years ago, where the water pipes in our house froze. Not only causing some inconvenience, but the risk of the pipes bursting and all the damage that would cause really stressed me out. My husband spent the whole day on the loft (dark and very cold) fixing it. Let's be grateful for those men out there fixing septic tanks and frozen pipes in extreme conditions!

Mrs. Micawber said...

A Happy New Year to you and yours! Thank goodness for the intrepid Mr. L and his ilk. I am so glad he was available in your hour of need. :)

Beautiful photos - some I recognized and some I did not. Looking forward to more in 2013!

Sirpa said...

What a lovely post and wonderful collage!
Happy New Year 2013 to you!
Regards and hugs from Finland!

Sian said...

Happy New year Ellen!
A beautiful, warm post full of wonderful words and photos to match : ) looking forward to visiting your blog in 2013 -
and thank goodness for people like Mr L!

Auntie sezzzzzz... said...

"Interesting" Christmas... ,-)

Lovely photos...

Happy New Year!


Ginnie said...

Happy New Year, Ellen! Glad you are back and that you had such a family-filled Christmas - and were rescued by the kind sewer man! Service people on call at all hours - something else to be very thankful for. xxoo

Susan T said...

Hello Darling one. I am playing catch up now. I couldn't agree with Ginnie more + a wonderful sense of humour. You really are a marvel, you do know that don't you.
PS Mice in the oven!! oh dear me. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Hugs too.I am feeling in a generous mood today.

Angy is my name. said...

And to you Ellen. Looking forward to sharing all your adventures with you in the New Year! ♥♥♥

Annie Cholewa said...

If you are behind I am behinder (or I would be if that were a word) ... Happy New Year dear friend, and may 2013 bring you all that you hope for.

Anonymous said...
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