Tuesday, January 15, 2013

When I Was Recovering

I played with leaves.
I did not do much, but the leaves
and the colors sustained me.
They helped me heal.

Mother Nature works wonders.
We need only to look.
Truly look.

Love to all, Ellen.
oh, and p.s.
I became Garter Stitch Gertie.
Put me on heavy duty meds
and I can garter my way into oblivion.


Mrs. Micawber said...

Yes, the garter stitch is pleasantly mindless and also very suitable for working while looking at something else.

What amazing things you did with the leaves - these photos would make wonderful cards, or computer wallpaper. Thanks so much for letting us in on the leafy (leavy?) fun. (Shakespeare would have it "leavy" but somehow leafy sounds sprightlier.)

I do hope the recovery is now complete. :)

Susan T said...

I think I AM on strong meds! I meander about on auto pilot all the time. I blame my age and the quantity of tea I drink. Dearest E the leaves are wonderful. I dream of having a light filled airy room with huge oversized photographs of your leaves on the walls, wouldn't I be the stylish one, oh and the one of the golden pear - some way back but equally glorious.

J & B said...

"We need only to look.
Truly look."

The secret of Joy!


Gretel said...

Stunning photos, and even better to read that you are healing. Huge hugs from snowy England. X

Old Magnolia Tree said...

These photos are really stunning. I'm quite jealous of your obvious talent.
A couple of months ago you very kindly advised me on moving our most loved Japanese maple. But I never got the chance to thank you. So I'm now saying thank you very much. We have moved it with great success and it is thriving.
Hoping you feel much better soon,

maggiegracecreates said...

Love these miss Ellen --- so glad you are recovering - crochet is that mindless for me -- knitting - not so much

jackie said...

Stunning!! They look so rich against the black backdrop! I've been truly looking - one day is was the purple cabbage leaf with the red veins held up to the kitchen window. Clouds, always the clouds…I've been listening too, and hearing birdsong which I normally hear in the spring. Trying not to read too much in that (global warming).
Hope the meds are working, and you are being cared for by your brood! : )

Mona said...

You are so talented, Ellen. These photographs are so vibrant and beautiful.
Yes, there are healing in the natural beauty, and the act of 'gartering'adds the calm and focus also needed for healing.
Love, M

Ginnie said...

Mother Nature got some help with those arrangements - truly artful. You have a beautiful way with photo composition as well as words, Ellen. Thank you for adding beauty to our lives.

driftwood said...

best wishes for continuing recovery xxx the leaves are beautiful. What were you knitting ?

trish said...

Wow! Such beautiful leaves. How wonderful that they helped you to heal.
My mother-in-law bought a flower press from a charity shop, and how wonderful to find it full of pressed flowers!

Sian said...

Just beautiful Ellen : ) good to hear you're getting better!

Annie Cholewa said...

The leaf images are stunning Ellen! Such colour born of your darker days.

And is your world white with snow now you are healed?

Ginnie said...

Only you could get so much feeling from a group of leaf pictures. I also love the "Chicken L'orange"

Anonymous said...
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mary ann said...

someone in los angeles loves ew

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Ginnie said...

Hi Ellen: just wondering if you are OK ???? I miss you.

Anonymous said...
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dina said...

Okay... so I'm getting concerned. You are too important and your photos, remarkable words and brilliant view of the world is too magnificient not to here. I miss you, too.

Mona said...

Hi Ellen, I've been wondering too about you, and beginning to worry a bit. Do hope you are all right!
Much love,