Friday, December 14, 2012

What a painful day.
Where is the 
Peace on Earth
and Mercy Mild
for our children,
for families,
for the innocents
of our country?
When, when
are we going to stop
this absolutely awful and
heartbreaking trend?
When are we going to say
"No" to all of these
destructive weapons?
I do know that millions
of hearts, prayers and thoughts
go out to the victims
and their families.
It is a good thing to do,
but...we need to stand up
and scream and demand
and crap to the politics of gun control.


Sian said...

I totally agree!

Susan T said...

Something needs to be done and now before memory fades and this recent outburst of violence becomes just one more statistic.

J & B said...

No More!

Annie Cholewa said...

These killings have saddened me so, and so have all the other unnecessary deaths lately in countless crimes and conflicts around the world. Peace and goodwill to all men there isn't!

Ginnie said...

Well said, Ellen. Well said.

Mrs. Micawber said...

Hear hear! NO one needs an assault weapon. There is absolutely NO justification for the sale of such things.

An interesting suggestion was put forth by a guest commentator on NPR last night - that the media should take a vow of silence on the killer's name (every time something like this happens). A good deterrent, I think.

God have mercy on the poor families, and on the little ones who have to go back to that school.

Grammy Braxton said...

Agree. And I like Sue's comment for the media to go silent on the killer's name. Without that "fame" to feed their misplaced sense of importance, maybe there would be an end to the senseless acts.

Ginnie said...

It really takes the heart out of the Season and I can't imagine what it has done to the families involved.
Thank you for your heartfelt message on my latest blog Ellen. I am so glad you are back blogging and hope you are feeling better.
All the best to you and yours. Sending a hug.

jacquie said...

well said as you always do, ellen. wishing for peace in the new year.

Unknown said...

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