Friday, October 5, 2012

This Afternoon...

I cleaned out some dead flowers..
looked at the lovely wine grapes,
and as I wandered around,
listened to the very far
and faint susurration
of the crickets.

It was a beautiful day.
Made more beautiful
because of thoughtful notes
from loving and caring people
whom I love. Thank you all.
As I listened to the distant strains
of the crickets, such dainty beings,
I imagine that tonight
they are donning their tuxedos,
ties, white blouses
and black skirts.
I believe that if I pay attention very carefully,
I will hear the magnificent
orchestration of Vivaldi's
I hope that you can hear it too,
no matter where you are.
Tuning up the strings,
tightening the bow, 
all as one rejoicing in 
this beautiful season.
I hear the "tap, tap" of the conductor.
Ready, begin, and the music
flows like water
over the linen grasses,
it blows through the waning
light of the moon.
The brilliant stars light the way
for all of us to take a seat,
to listen and give applauds 
for this gentle and gorgeous
With love and best, e.


Susan T said...

Grape vines! how wonderful. I think I shall jump on a long haul flight, your part of the world looks and sounds heavenly.

J & B said...

Brought tears of Joy to my eyes.

Mrs. Micawber said...

Susurration is such a lovely and perfect word ... as are all the rest which make up this post!

Do you make wine from your grapes?

(For some reason Vivaldi's "Spring" started playing in my head when you mentioned his "Autumn". Will have to get out the CD and listen to the right movement. I must say the winds we had last night were right in tune with the stormy bits.)


jackie said...

such delightful prose! reminds me of a wonderful picture book I used to read to the boys. the name of the book eecapes me, bit I can clearly see the illustrations.

Annie Cholewa said...

There is such abundance in these photographs, and your evocation of Vivaldi :D

dina said...

What a poet you are! Beautiful.

Ilix said...

Beautiful photos, that reminds me I need to pick up some grapes from my parents! Hope this rainy Saturday is doing good things for your trees!