Sunday, October 21, 2012

Inside the Inside


Inside is good.
What is even more wonderful
is the goodness, the friendship, and
the connectedness of
other people.
Such a blessing.
best to all, e.


Sirpa said...

Lovely pictures! The colorfull things at the window look nice. Aren't they knitting needles? Also I keep my knitting needles like this, but in two wooden jars. The orange scissors look like Finnish Fiskars scissors; are they?

Susan T said...

Inside is good, but I can see from your new header that outside is fabulous, greetings and salutations from me to you, may you always be well connected. x

Mona said...

Beautiful new banner - is that your bridge?
I love the pictures from your home - all of it! You look ready for being snug and cosy while knitting in the winter. Is that really tiny teensy pumpkins in the first picture?

Annie @ knitsofacto said...

Couldn't agree more, and the images are stunning! Of course I like the one with the knitting needles best!

Sian said...

Lovely : ) I also love the coloured knitting needles!
Beautiful new header too and I love the photo in the next post with the rainbow : )

Mrs. Micawber said...

There's nothing like a rainy day to make us appreciate being inside. :)

Your images are so beautiful, as always. They remind me a bit of the work of Ken Orton. Have you seen his amazing paintings? They are full of glass and light.