Tuesday, July 10, 2012

What I Have Learned...

...about blogging.
It has been such a wonderful journey.
I have learned to do things on the computer
I never thought I would be able to do.
There are still so many moves to learn.
I have learned that there are
so many beautiful and wonderful 
people out there.
I have learned that people
reach out and support one another.
I have learned that we all struggle at times.
I have learned that there is such goodness
to be found, such inspiration
and generosity.
(I have learned that my spelling skills
have absolutely degenerated.)
I have learned that I love this space,
this place.
I have "met" women who I hold
so dearly in my heart.
I have learned that I do not have to be
like someone else.
I have learned that, although, I maybe
a good cook,
I am lousy at taking pictures of food.
I have learned for my own self,
that I have a strange little
and engaging mind. (for me, at least).
I love to take photos.
I cannot help making stories.
They may be so silly and dismissive,
but they give me pleasure.

So...today, the messy gardener
went out to the garden..
raised beds, weeds and all.
She picked what was good
and brought it in.
She left the huge and overgrown
collard leaves on the ground.
She turned on the sprinkler.
She came back and saw some of these.

And, she just had to make up
a story in her head.

Late at night
when the moon was so bright,
and the stillness was silent,
and the moon was so golden,
(you remember those nights)
the smallest of the small,
the diminutive little fairies came out.
The Lilliputians drenched themselves in water.
Their children puddled around in the
small droplets...
imagine learning to swim.
The adult (think no larger than a gnat) fairies
staged their own Olympics...
back stroke, breast stroke,
butterfly and diving.
Fireflies danced and sparkled their warm
Tiny fairies in bright colored Speedos
flashed across the water.
Elder wee folk sat on the edge
of the raised beds.
They raised their hands,
clapped and cheered,
lamented and cried when
their favorites came in last.
Smallest of the small
medals were passed out.
Gazanias for the Bronze,
Calendula for the Gold,
and Lamb's Ears for the Silver.
It was a night of magic.
As the Mother Moon robed and slippered heself
in preparation for bed,
the little wee ones tucked themselves up,
happy in the Glory of their night,
and safe in their beds.

Crimson, yellow and green enfolded them 
and kept them safe...
...and the Peepers sang a lullaby,
the wind rocked them gently...
It was a good night.

best, e.


Susan T said...

Ellen I love your "strange little engaging mind" It is different than mine, and it seeks out different things to show me. That is good. I like different It takes me off my well worn path and in this case lights the way to fairyland. I enjoyed the visit.

Annie Cholewa said...

I love these bloggy worlds of ours, all overlapping, all slightly different. Mine is pretty much a sisterhood - you're one of the 'sisters', so is Susan T - and it is so enriching, so life enhancing, to share all your different ways of seeing x

Mrs. Micawber said...

Fairies in Speedos! I would never have thought of that. In fact I can't make stories at all, so I love yours.

dina said...

Brilliant! Absolutely, wonderfully brilliant! (did I spell "brilliant" correctly? it looks funny...)

Mona said...

Oh Ellen, I love your little story. I do believe in faries, and perhaps your story is more close to reality – the fairy-reality – than you may think.