Tuesday, July 31, 2012

My Mother's Birthday

She was all
that I wanted to be,
intelligent and loving..
always there
but quite practical
"I am not here
to entertain you,
"The world does not 
revolve around you, Ellen".
She taught me so many
be true to yourself,
know how to be
alone with quiet peace
while giving love to others.
Music, music, music.
She read book after book,
pages of poetry
every night when
she tucked me in bed
with prayers and songs.
She found the surprise
in every day.
I still want 
to be like her
and sometimes
it is hard, as
she left me too early.
But I know that 
I did have her,
and I still see
fluorescent stars 
planted on the ceiling
with her hands
that blessed me.
And, I truly know
that I had much more
than many people have had.
...and I know that this is very disjointed...
well, most of my posts probably are..
forgive and blame it on
some emotional stuff.

best, e.


Susan T said...

Wonderful photo's of your mother as a small girl, how lucky you are to have them. We clearly have a bond, your feelings towards your mother and mine are very similar. I think that generation were such a hard act to follow in so many respects. I lost my mother too early too, although if she had lived to be a 100 it would never have been long enough. She left a gap that has never been filled.

Annie Cholewa said...

What a wonderful tribute to your mother. But you know, you are like her - "be true to yourself, know how to be alone with quiet peace
while giving love to others ... [find] the surprise in every day" - sure sounds like the Ellen I am getting to know x

Grammy Braxton said...

What a lovely tribute to your mother. She seemed so down to earth and loving. Your memories are so sweet. You have much of your mother in you that I am seeing in your posts. Sweet memories are our gift when our loved one is no longer here.