Monday, July 30, 2012

Dear July,

Not quite gone
still here
in and out
you have been
with your summer colors
your coat of greens
yellows and orange
and yes 
even lovely gray
a good thing
and yet
I have cursed your
early morning mists
as I have loved your
night's chill
We have yet
to make friends
and clasp our hands
in celebration of summer
I wonder if you
will fulfill your promise
of years gone by
I guess it doesn't matter
I have all of
the Yesterdays
of your loveliness
your goodness
and bounty
and that should be
enough to keep me
through the days
and dark nights to come
We have been good friends
you and I July
it just seems a little
different this year
but then
I am not the same
from year to year
and why should you be
I look out and see
the chartreuse and red
that filters in
through the window 
as we eat
I wonder how 
I can fault you, July
you bring unexpected gifts
and teach me 
that it is a gift to be alive

And, I have your yesterdays
Dear July

best and with love, e.


Susan T said...

I love the sampler Ellen, any chance of you turning it into a calendar? I owe you an e-mail, I will reply tomorrow, xxx

Snowcatcher said...

I, too, love your samplers! What a GREAT way to show a month gone by!

Ginnie said...

Beautifully always, Ellen.

Sian said...

what a lovely idea : )