Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Chickie News

Here are two of the fast growing babies
I brought home over a week ago.
There are two Wellsummers, two Production Reds,
and two Buckeyes.
They all lay beautiful brown eggs.
Our flock has diminished over the last few years.
Last week a dog traveled across the pastures
and killed two of my beloved hens.
Carmen was the first to go.
She was such a sweetheart and gave us gigantic eggs.
The other chicken lasted a few days...
she was missing lots of feathers,
but seemed as if she would be o.k.
It was not to be.
I know full well that these things do happen,
but I wish I had known the dog was here,
and I wish that I had had a very large baseball bat in hand.
Not all of our remaining hens are still laying.
Old age, I would guess. 
Retirement is allowed after working so hard for us.
I do want you to look at the following shot.
It gives me such giggles.
These mini eggs were produced
several weeks ago...a warm up
perhaps to Spring production.

That little bird nest is less than three inches across.
The blue egg is from Mrs. Charles Dickens.
I don't know which hens popped out the other two.
Too funny!
Three eggs do not an omelet make in this case.
Be well, stay safe.
best, e.


Mrs. Micawber said...

The little eggs are adorable, and such pretty colours. Somehow brown and taupe and green and pink eggs are much more exciting than plain ol' white. They even seem to taste better (which is silly, I know).

So sorry about your chickens.

jackie said...

I agree with Mrs. Micawber. and sorry about the loss of Carmen and friend. :(

Ginnie said...

What do you do with all the eggs? Although my daughters chicks are matronly now they still lay one or two a day and we are overrun with eggs. Do you have any special recipes??