Thursday, May 3, 2012

Just Outside My Door

Taken yesterday when we actually saw the sun... and then.
Today the wind is chasing itself,
the rain is sometimes straight down,
sometimes sideways.
I have been trying to photograph
the beautiful wild goldfinches.
Taking pictures through dirty windows,
trying to capture flying objects,
may be an exercise in futility.
If any of them turn out, I shall post them later.
Wishing you a good day.
best, e.


Mona said...

You are very fortunate to be surrounded by such beauty. It seems so exotic and colourful to me.

Susan T said...

I echo Mona's comment, it all looks so wonderful and exotic. Looking at the photos you would hardly believe the weather has been so vile. Same here, we live just across the Irish Sea, the rain clouds are picked up and dumped in our garden, or so it often seems. I long for sunshine and summer breezes, alas this is England and the weather usually has other ideas.

Ginnie said...

What an eye you have for beauty, Ellen. Thanks for sharing it !

Mrs. Micawber said...

All, all so beautiful. Is that gingko?

(I never realize how dirty my windows are until I try to take a picture through them. Very embarrassing.)

Ginnie said...

Gorgeous, gorgeous pictures! What a beautiful place you live in, and I agree with the other Ginnie: you have an eye for beauty.