Monday, April 23, 2012


Ahem, this is my second try today.
What's with this "new" blogger?
I wrote a whole post and then lost half of it.
That does not make for a happy camper.
Where in the #%$$ is my dashboard?
Let me try again.
Yesterday was glorious.
Today is equally lovely,
blue, dry and warm.
I have some pictures to share
and hope that you enjoy them.
Fingers and toes crossed.

I am absolutely and absurdly happy
to be back in this place.
New Miss Computer is doing well,
tho she wants to go into
Power Save Mode if I turn my head.
Christine has been banished
to the Time Out Chair,
The Thinking Chair,
The Confessional Chair.
She faces a blank wall.
Now and then I hear a small growl.
"You can't make me", she mutters.
I say, "I know, but beauty is only skin deep,
ugly goes clear to the bone."
It is a joy to be back, 
to be able to read about all that you have been doing.
Wishing all a wonderful week.
best, e.


Ginnie said...

Yay! Glad you're back, Ellen.

Yes, the new blogger interface is a bit strange, but we'll figure it out, won't we. Won't we?

Questions about some of those beautiful flowers: What's the yellow one (two closeups)? And the pink one just before the baby birds? (And tell us about the baby birds!)

Mrs. Micawber said...

Wow - what a gorgeous set of photos. I too would like to know what the yellow flower is. What a marvellously tangled and upright center thing it has (sorry, I'm no botanist and don't know what to call it).

Have you been to Snowcatcher's blog? I think you would like her photography.

So glad you're back. I miss the old dashboard too.

Susan T said...

Yes do tell us about the baby birds. Wonderful photos.
Re dashboard - change confuses me why Oh why don't they just leave things well alone.

Ginnie said...

Here's your 2nd Ginnie checking in. I'm so glad you are back in the blogging world and your lovely pictures have "soothed my soul" this morning.

jackie said...

Welcome back to your sweet little spot on the internet! Gorgeous spring photos. My favorite is the one with the twin tulip blooms! and new chicks - hooray. baby chicks have to add to the chicken shenanigans. :)
I'll get back to you about posting comments. I don't think you have to be logged in - just fill in the name, email, url spaces. Later this week I'll do some investigating though.

furrybees said...

Beautiful photos! Real spirit lifters :-)

Snowcatcher said...

Your photography is outstanding! I'm so glad Mrs. Micawber introduced us! I love your flower photos, especially the ones with critters!