Friday, October 7, 2011

Letter to Mother Nature....

I know, this is not New England, but it is beautiful to me.
Dear Madam,
It has come to my attention that you have been somewhere else and have not been attending to my wishes.
I hope that you realize that I normally bless you, hold you in high regard, and revere your wisdom.
I do, however, have a bone to pick.
You are raining on my parade. Where, in Heaven's name is your lovely sunshine, your glory of this season?
Do you not know that I have not complained once about the gnats that flew around my computer all summer? Or the flies (vilest of the vile) who now inhabit my kitchen every damned day?
Do you not understand that you are erasing my most beloved season? Color, color is what I want. The beauty that you can and do create every Autumn. Oh, how I love you. Please quit the raining.
Please let us have some sunshine. I don't mind the cold, the brisk wind and the fact that the wood stove is now going. I just want some sunshine.
If you have lost your Crayola Custom Pack of 64 Colors, your Glow Explosion Pop and Glow, or your No-Drip Gel Paints, or your Zest For Everything Paints, please let me know. I will be more than happy to jump onto the Internet and get you more supplies.
I love you, however, I remain the recalcitrant, obstreperous old lady who is channeling her 2yr. old self.
Sometimes it is fun to have a hissy fit.
Sometimes I just refuse to get with my best side, my inner goodness, my "go gently and accept person".
I remain (for one day) a naughty and unrepentant person. I reserve the right to stamp my two year old feet for a twinkling of an eye.
Love, e.

and p.s. where are the blooming acorns this year? really, this is just too much!
and p.p.s. don't  you already know that it rains
for months and months and months here?
and yes, please know that this is done with the full knowledge
that some people, some countries do not have enough water, rain,
or the goodness of food, comfort and blessings. It is all done
in fun, and with the hope that it is received in fun....
I fully know how blessed I am.
best, e.


Susan T said...

Ah you see you have broken the first rule about moaning about the weather, you need to be English, we spend half our lives discussing rainfall and lack of heat. Here in the blustery North of England it raineth virtually every day, indeed as I look out of the window I can see rain trickling down the window and a leaden sky. Some twit once said 'what you have never had you never miss'WRONG! Would I like sunshine for at least part of every day, you bet.

jackie said...

Oh Darling you can rant, stomp your feet, and have all the hissy fits you want - you don't even have to add the disclaimer at the end. It's obvious by your photos that you see your world as blessed no matter the package it comes in!

henny said...

Hi Ellen! Thanks for the email.
Not only you, but for has also been ages not visiting your blog. Love to see your pics and read your words...Wise and beautiful as always :)

Mona said...

He, he, know what you mean - one can eventually feel a little compelled to grouse after a long, cold and wet summer. Especially when autumn is cold, wet and grey too :)
And you grow maples!! That must be lovely. Have you tried dyeing with the leaves? (I've been looking all over for a tree so I could try eco dyeing with maples, but with no luck).