Monday, October 3, 2011

Back Home

I have been back home for a few days,
catching up and feeling so thankful
that I could make the trip,
and that I am here safe and sound.
I took very few pictures with my camera,
but I've stored away lots of good
memories and times with loved ones
so far away.
Above and the ones to follow,
are taken not far from where my brother lives.
Beautiful banyan trees...
how I loved climbing them as a small girl..

...sweetest Episcopal church with its
red doors, built in 1884..

      ...and beautiful sparkly sun
shining through the forest.        
best to all, e.


jackie said...

Welcome back Ellen! I lingered long on the red doors of the Episcopal church. Glad you captured memories!

Ginnie said...

Welcome back, Ellen! What beautiful, beautiful pictures. Hope your experiences were just as beautiful. Our Episcopal church doesn't have red doors - we considered painting them red a few years ago but decided to stick with the rich natural wood.

furrybees said...

What a place to grow up! Love the Banyan trees. We climbed them as kids ourselves (in a tropical paradise a long way away from that one!). Hope your memories are keeping you warm as fall closes in.

Ginnie said...

Just noticed your new header picture - love it!