Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Color, Glorious Color

These were taken yesterday inside some of our
greenhouses. It was such a windy day
and the leaves wanted to dance
in reckless abandon.
Probably way too many
photos, but it is so hard to cut some out.
I hope that you enjoy.
Is it not pure Magic?
Our huge sweet gums are bursting forth
and all of the oaks are looking quite "Tweedish"
with the green, brown and yellow they are wearing.
Wooly Bears have been traversing everywhere,
and I suspect that they have selected
their winter homes as of today.
Yesterday and today brought frost.
It's all a glory.
best to all, e.


Gretel said...

They are so beautiful! Autumn is taking its time here, we are only just turning and we don't have native maples like you, which are so glorious - Tweedish is just the right desciption for oaks!

Babs, Jo, John said...

Wow, incredible colours Ellen, I have a feeling you are
loving this Autumn, so beautiful like an afghan blanket!

Ginnie said...

Yes. Pure magic. Can't believe you have frost already! I think of you in a milder clime than we in northern Illinois.

Mona said...

Understand perfectly why you couldn't cut any out - they are all incredible beautiful!

maggiegracecreates said...

Beautiful - love all of them. It's cinnamon toast weather - that's what my girls say when it first starts to cool off.

much love beautiful friend --