Wednesday, May 4, 2011

How Do I know It's Spring?

...Mother Nature
 has invited the sun.
Look, they are stirring up a soup
on top of the woodshed.
See how it furls
and boils?
Stone soup is what I have,
from all that she can gather.
It's the tastiest and best.
It's the most delicious scent:
Cold, wet roof;
Sun and a celestial spoon.
Essential ingredients
for the winter worn soul.
I heard the gentle whisper,
"Take one and call me in the morning."
It's the best advice.
Better than cod liver oil,
dandelion greens
or a fervent wish.
It's real and it works.
Best to all, e.


Ginnie said...

Your imagination is mind boggling and you express it so well. I can actually smell the sweet wetness. It's an odor from my childhood and it's one I'd forgotten.

weebug said...

love the picture. the memory of cod liver oil? not so much.