Wednesday, May 11, 2011

A Thoughtful Gift....

Look what Babs sent..from Then&Now.

And then, a lovely painting
of Alice the Phallus.
My rooster who
was given a name
before I knew his sex.

Babs and her husband
paint the loveliest of works.
I am honored that Alice
is among their paintings.
I am also happy to be
connected with such lovely people
so far away.
Thank you both.
These paintings will be treasured
and will be where I can see them
every day. 
What a wonderful gift they are.
What a wonderful gift to meet people. 
Thank you.
best, e.
p.s. damn, i wish i could paint as well.


Babs, Jo, John said...

Hi Ellen,

Alice looks much happier after her journey back to your
wonderful climate,so pleased they arrived safely.
have a restful weekend. B.

jackie said...

absolutely lovely! damn, i wish i could paint as well too!

Ginnie said...

Lucky you, Ellen. Your poetic words make them even lovlier.