Wednesday, May 18, 2011

And You Thought She Was Only On the East Coast...

...well, she's been here.
Spreading her magic.
And she has made the world more beautiful.
Thank you Miss Rumphius.
Here is the beauty that I saw.
And, I would have picked some
and brought them into the house.
However, they were on the approach.
to our bridge.
Cutting them would have caused me
to be flung into the briar patch.
Not good.
Perhaps, somethings
are best left alone
in their beauty. 
 Best to all, e.


Babs, Jo, John said...

I picked some daffodils in our garden, they are massing
under a tree and very happy. I felt so guilty when I picked
just a few for the kitchen. So bright and cheerful, it's
still raining here and I wanted to see the colour of the sun!

jackie said...

I love Miss Rumphious!! That is one of my favorite picture books from reading to the boys every night before bed.

blue, purple goodness
waiting to be gathered up
if only on film

my haiku to you today!

Ginnie said...

Those are lovely and probably best left where they are. I remember picking some once and they never looked as nice once I had them inside.
So sorry about your husband's ordeal. I spent 4 days flat on my back with my leg elevated in the hospital about 10 years ago due to cellulitis. It all started, like his, from a very small puncture!