Friday, January 28, 2011

Perhaps As the Oldest Star.... fragile as hope, impermanent as a breath in the wind,
as fleeting as a split second:

She captures the fog and the morning air. She weaves the stars and light. She is Penelope, Ariadne and Athena. She is Elaine of Astolat, and we are her daughters when the wind rocks our world, taking away our life lines. We pick up like her, weave our hopes and dreams back together, and in the process, create beauty. At our best we are filled with patience and determination. We are able to hold the beauty of the world. We know that all in life passes too quickly, but we hold fast to that which matters when we are able.
We know that there is strength in fragility. The warp and the weft of our lives forms our purpose and intent.
Best to all, e.

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jackie said...

I'm going to hold fast to that today, because i'm in the middle of one of those moments where i'm befuddled about my purpose and intent...wondering how it can be possible when it seems to be so frequently at cross paths sometimes with those around me.